Exploring Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Foreign direct investment is one of the increasingly vital phenomenon in the global economy. It is one of the key concepts in the economy management in business and entrepreneurship. Ideally, FDI involves an individuals or a company investing in another countries or controlling almost 10% of ownership of a company in the foreign country. In most cases, open companies are involved in the ownership of business in another country in terms of acquiring a certain percentage of its equity. In regard, the investor will have some significant influence on how the enterprise is being managed. Therefore, a strong relationship is established between t investor and the enterprises. A direct investor can be a group of individuals, government, companies, or enterprises.

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Due to a large consumer base coupled with the skilled workforce, it makes United States the most attractive destinations for foreign direct investment. There are various ways by which foreign firms or individuals can make investments in the United States including; obtaining new operations, purchasing existing company’s operations and provision of capital to enhance operations in the existing US firms. In essence, foreign investors establishes control or influence towards the management in terms of making decisions on business operations. It is known to be more than just capital investments, it also forms collaborative partnerships between two nations.

Foreign direct investment can also involve merging between two companies in different countries sharing the same vision. The FDI can be categorized into horizontal and vertical. Horizontal is where an individual or company invests in the same type of business in another court. On the other hand, vertical foreign direct investment where the business is different but share some of the business related activities from the direct investor’s side. For example, in 2017 Apple which is a US based company announced to pool$507.1 into the development of research activities in China. As a result, Apple Company will have influence in the research and development activities in China.

The initiation of the FDI has seen the increase in the investment in manufacturing industry not only in United States but across the world. In 2015, more than 70% of the FDI flows were channeled into the US manufacturing sector. In 2016, foreign investors spent approximately $365.7 billion in the acquisition of most of the US based companies. Some of the countries that mostly invest in unites states include; Germany, Canada, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Japan making America the largest foreign direct investment in the world.

What Type of Medicare can Help?

These days, the cost of medical, pharmaceutical and insurances are getting extremely costly. When you achieve the age of 65 or more particularly when you are planning to resign at this age, taking care of the expenses for these medical related needs may not be that advantageous. With a specific end goal to address this, the administration is prompting the senior natives to enlist in a Aetna Medicare supplement plans known as Medigap arrangement.


Medicare is a medical program keep running by the government. In the event that you are secured by Medicare, your medical costs of with respect to doctor’s visit, hospital stays, pharmaceuticals and other medical treatment. Be that as it may, before you can profit of this, you should be first fit the capability. On the off chance that you are an American native or if nothing else 5 years living arrangement in the US whose age is 65 or above, you are fit the bill to profit of this kind of insurance. Additionally, more youthful individuals may likewise be qualified for this kind of insurance in the event that one has a qualifying inability, for example, Lou Gehirg’s malady or a changeless kidney disappointment.


This kind of insurance is partitioned into a few sections which have distinctive coverage. Section A which is the Hospital Coverage covers inpatient hospital care, gifted nursing offices, hospice care, some home human services. When you turn 65, you are consequently enlisted in this coverage and you won’t need to pay for this. Part B which is the Medical Coverage helps cover sensible and fundamental medical administrations that are never again secured by Part A. Such administrations incorporate doctor’s administrations, physical and word related advisor administrations, research facility and X-beam administrations, emergency vehicle administrations, outpatient hospital care, home medicinal services, blood and medical supplies, sturdy medical gear and in addition wheelchairs and hospital beds. Part C which is the Medicare Advantage covers Medicare wellbeing upkeep association, favored supplier associations, private expense for benefit plans, Medicare medical bank account plan and Medicare unique needs plans.


To profit this, you need Part A and Part B since this incorporates additional benefits, for example, physician recommended tranquilize coverage and in addition bring down cost of administrations than Parts An and B. Note that despite everything you have to pay your month to month premium and no doubt with additional month to month premium. Besides, you may require referrals and suggestion from doctors and pro to benefit this. Finally Part D which is Prescription Drug Coverage covers mark name and in addition nonexclusive doctor prescribed medications from taking an interest drug stores. Everybody with Medicare can be qualified for this part paying little respect to pay, wellbeing or remedy costs.


Be that as it may, there are a great deal of things you have to consider before profiting Medicare. All things considered, there are a great deal of suppliers out there who offer Medicare. The main thing left to do is to ensure that the insurance organization whom you will buy this has the notoriety and validity. In addition, ensure that the approach will best fit for you.

Medicare Supplement Plans: Difference from Medicare Advantage

Medicare is a health plan by the government for certain people. People who are above 65, people who come under certain physical disability and people who face any long term disease such as kidney dialysis or transplant can get the benefit from government. They can get it in exchange of minimum monthly or so payment plans. Now you will find different Medicare plans such as Medicare supplement plans insurance and Medicare advantage plan etc. You can buy any of these from licensed insurance companies. To make it easier for you here are the difference of these plans.

  • Original Medicare:

There are many Medicare plans under this health plan and they are often called as plan A to plan N. All though plan E, H, I and J have been banned from the year 2010. The original Medicare plan is the plan A and plan B. Person who comes under original Medicare plan get hospital facility from any hospital that comes under the Medicare system. It also covers doctors under the specific program and get some prescribe drugs benefits. A person can totally opt for only original Medicare only and not include any additional Medicare plans.

  • Medicare supplement:

Medicare supplement plans also known as medigap includes all the ten Medicare plans from plan A to plan N. This is a standardized Medicare plan. That means the plans remains same though the company differs. The private insurance companies from which you buy the plan costs different price for the plan and include some additional benefit with it but the main structure of the plan remain same. Due to the whole coverage of the plan it may costs more but it is actually cost effective for you.

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  • Medicare advantage:

The Medicare advantage plan that is the plan C is also available at private insurance companies. The original Medicare that is plan A and B also includes here. People from special medical needs can opt for this plan. This plan covers the additional benefits such as prescription drugs, dental and eye care and glasses. Consider that people who are at the end of severe disease such as rental or so don’t able to buy such plan.

  • Tips to choose the best:

You cannot get all the supplement and advantage plan benefit together. You need to choose the best that work for you. When it comes to choose the best Medicare supplement plans there are certain important factors that you must look after. Depending on your needs compare the plans according to the price, services, deductibles, doctors etc.


Understanding the Essential Parts of Medicare

Turning 65 or going on Medicare out of the blue can be a staggering knowledge in one’s life. Combined with that, most make an endeavor, now and again useless, to comprehend the mind boggling universe of Medicare and Medicare insurance. This article is to fill in as a groundwork of the “parts” of Medicare, of which there are at present four, and what they do.


Section A


Section An is the piece of Medicare that everybody gets from paying into the government disability framework amid their working life (as long as they meet the base work sum prerequisites). The essential thing that it covers as inpatient healing center care, and you will some of the time here it alluded to as the “doctor’s facility” some portion of Medicare. Be that as it may, it does likewise cover talented nursing facility mind, home social insurance and hospice facility mind.


Part B


Medicare Part B is discretionary – a great many people who have boss coverage that works with Medicare coverage don’t really require Part B until or unless their manager coverage closes. Medicare Part B has a month to month premium related with it, that is regularly paid out of one’s government managed savings check.


Part B covers “administrations” fundamentally, and it is here and there called the “specialist’s office” some portion of Medicare. A portion of the essential things that it covers incorporate specialist’s administrations, indicative tests, outpatient administrations and exercise based recuperation and some preventive-type screenings.


Part C


Part C is the segment of Medicare that was made over the most recent 10 years. It is some of the time alluded to as “privatized Medicare”, however is principally known as Medicare Advantage. In Part C, a private back up plan that has an agreement with the administration assumes control administration of the greater part of your Medicare benefits. Your benefits are altogether given through this private safety net provider – you pay premiums specifically to this organization and they pay asserts for your sake.


This is a discretionary piece of Medicare. Regardless you need to pay the Part B premium and you don’t out and out “lose” Part An and Part B, yet Part C provides your benefits set up of An and B. Likewise, you can not have (or needn’t bother with) aarp medicare supplement plan f and Part C – most choose to either have either. Supplements pay AFTER Medicare pays; Medicare Advantage pays INSTEAD of Medicare.


Part D


Part D is the piece of Medicare that you may find out about the most. This is the segment of the Medicare program that spreads prescription drugs. It is offered through privately owned businesses, which must be certified and endorsed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on a yearly premise to offer this prescription coverage (Part D).


You pay premiums straightforwardly to the privately owned businesses, albeit most offer the capacity to deduct it consequently from your Social Security check. This is a discretionary piece of Medicare – not every person agrees to accept it when they are first eligible or by any means.

Beware of these facts about Medicare supplement plans!

There are many around the world those who have heard the term Medicare supplement plans. This article is for people like them who wants to invest in one of the plans and also for those who wants to get to know what these plans are and how it is useful in the day to day life of a person.

To jot it down in a few sentences, these are basic policies which help to fill in the gap between the original Medicare plans. It covers certain costs which and care which the original version does not cover. These mainly include deductibles, coinsurance and copayments.  These are sold by certain private companies.

What all does these Medicare supplement plans cover?

One of the very special and useful offer which is supported or offered by these supplement plans is that, whenever you go to foreign or outside US, you will get all the benefits of Medicare which you originally had when you were in the US. It will cover all the costs which are medically approved. Thus, if you think that buying a Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 is useless then you are totally wrong.

Things you should know about the policies

There are certain things which you should be well aware about Medicare supplement plans. Here are a few of those reminders.

  • To have this, you must initially have a Medicare Part A and Part B.
  • You can apply for these supplement plans once you have the advantage plan, but you need to be sure that you will leave the same before you can use the supplement policies.
  • You need to pay the company monthly premium if you want to use the Medicare supplement plan in addition to what you are paying originally to Medicare for part B.
  • To remove the misconception, mediocre supplement plans covers the cost of only one person and it should be the one who has bought it in his name. Therefore, if your close relative or your spouse is sick, you cannot use you Medicare supplement policies, they need to have their own policies.
  • Make sure that you purchase these supplement pans from a certified company which has the license to sell this product.

Renewable policies

If you happen to have any kind of health problem or long term disease then you should know that these Medicare supplement plans are very much renewable.

Medicare supplement plans that suit your beneficiary needs

As security dwindles in the present world, means to live and preparations for the worst are always made forehand. The basic requirements are met somehow but with the growing numbers of death, plans to make yourself more secure are made with the help of Medicare so that you do not have to go through harsh phases of life or at least you do not suffer without treatment. But Medicare does not have the ability to cover all your expenses. Thus to complement Medicare, Medicare supplement plans came into effect.

The original Medicare is divided into parts, and the Medicare supplement plans can cover only Part A and Part B of it. It has to be kept in mind that not all Medicare supplement policies or medigap are available in all the states. They may very well vary from one another from state to state. Coinsurance or copayment is the pat that medigap covers for us. The facilities they provide are in addition to your original Medicare and cover most of it.

Benefits provided by Medicare supplement plans

  • Even though blood transfusions do not cost as the hospital gets blood from the blood bank, but sometimes they do charge for the extra amount of blood. This is where medigap comes in the play. Medigap pays mostly for the first three pints of blood after which your original Medicare takes over. Thus, medigap covers up the extra expense.


  • The requirement for skilled nursing facilities might be required in case of extra care and attention. Medigap covers this cost as well and helps you cover mostly the copayments and coinsurance. But this might not apply to medigap Part A and Part B.


  • Since their services are limited to the USA, it can be a huge hindrance to some people who travel extensively. Thus, a certain number of medigap policies can cover foreign travel for people who have the habit and need to travel extensively. But these are only allowed in case of emergencies.


Medicare supplement plans are the best for people who have original Medicare and also for those who are prone to frequent doctor visits and even for those who travel a lot. In case of certain casualties or accidents, at least the medigap covers up the problems of immediate costs which might have been a hindrance in the way to get the medical help required. You can get quotes directly at www.medisupps.com/mutual-omaha-medicare-supplement-plans-2018/

Medicare Supplement Plans For The Elderly

Medicare Supplement plans, also known as Medigap plans, are sold by private insurance companies to help cover some of the health-care costs and benefits not covered by Original Medicare, Part A and Part B, coverage. Medigap plans cover things like copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles – as well as, in some plans, medical care when traveling outside of the United States – all of which are not covered by traditional Medicare benefits.

In 47 of the United States, there were 10 Medicare Supplement plan offerings at earlier, which were designated with the letters A through N. Each type of plan comes with different benefits, with the plans of the same letter offering the same set of benefits. For example, Plan F in Massachusetts offers the same exact benefits as Plan F in Wisconsin. The only thing that varies was the cost of the plan, which will depend on the insurance company offering the plan.There was also another type of Medigap insurance called a Medicare SELECT plan. These plans required beneficiaries to use hospitals and/or physicians within the plan’s network of health-care providers in order to be eligible for full plan coverage. Any of the 10 standardized Medicare Supplement plan types can be offered in a Medicare SELECT version by an insurance company.

In order to be eligible to enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan, one must be enrolled in both parts of Original Medicare, Part A and Part B. Also live in the state in which the plan is being offered.The best time to enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan is during your Medigap Open Enrollment Period. This six-month enrollment window begins the month in which you are both age 65 or older and enrolled in Medicare Part B. During this time, one can buy any Medigap insurance policy in own state, even if he have pre-existing health conditions, because he cannot be denied due to medical underwriting. Finding the right Cigna Medicare Supplement isn’t hard.

Original Medicare doesn’t cover everything. If your health-care needs require you to get services outside of what’s covered by Medicare Part A and Part B, you may be left with large out-of-pocket expenses. These bills may add up without additional coverage. That’s where Medicare Supplement plans come in to help fill in the gaps left by Original Medicare coverage. Whether a Medicare Supplement plan is right for you will depend on your needs and budget. Be sure to compare all Medicare plan options in your area to find the coverage you need.

There are things you should consider first before you can make your plan. You do not need to rush into one plan that you are not aware of or one that you were talked into without a research. The good news is that each plan is awesome and has been standardized. However, the price varies from one company to another.  To make sure that the plan you are getting is perfect for you, ask questions and meet your doctor if you are not sure what will cover your health care need






Original Medicare covers many health-care services and supplies but not all. This may leave you with many out-of-pocket costs. This is where Medicare Supplements Plans may help. Also known as Medigap Plans, these plans compliments your Original Medicare, which means you can’t enroll for these plans if you don’t have original Medicare (part A and part B).

These plans are sold by private insurance companies in most states. There are 10 standardized Medicare supplement plans available in most states: A, B, C, D, F, G, M, K, L and M. In most states, these plans have the same standardized benefits for each letter category but works differently in Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, which standardize their plans differently from the rest of the country.

Below is a chart showing basic information about the different benefits that Medigap policies cover:

Benefits A B C D F G K L M N
Medicare Part A Coinsurance

and Hospital Costs

ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü
Medicare Part B Coinsurance

or Copayment

ü ü ü ü ü ü 50% 75% ü ü
Blood, First Three Pints ü ü ü ü ü   50% 75% ü ü
Part A Hospice Care Coinsurance

or Copayments

ü ü ü ü ü ü 50% 75% ü ü
Skilled Nursing Facility Care


    ü ü ü ü 50% 75% ü ü
Part A Deductible   ü ü ü ü ü 50% 75% 50% ü
Part B Deductible     ü   ü          
Part B Excess Charges         ü ü        
Foreign Travel Emergency       ü ü ü     ü ü



Although these plans are sold by different private insurance companies, every Medigap policy must be standardized. This means that, every insurance company offering a certain plan, must provide the same exact benefits as their competition.


Important facts about the Best Medicare supplement plans

  • You must have Medicare Part A and Part B for you to enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plan.
  • These plans cover one person only.
  • You can buy these plans from any insurance company in your state that’s licensed to sell one.
  • You can use your plans with any doctor or health provider , anywhere in the U.S as long as the provider accepts Medicare.
  • If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, you can apply for a Medigap policy, but make sure you can leave the Medicare Advantage Plan before your Medigap policy begins.
  • These plans do not cover prescription drugs.
  • If you want prescription drug coverage, you can join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Medicare Part D).


Is it feasible to get the Medicare Advantage Plans at no cost?

While  marketing the Medicare Advantage Plans, the private insurance companies, often highlight the Zero Premium plans. Apparently, it might give you an idea that you are getting a comprehensive plan for health coverage at no cost. However, it is just the truth, half-told. Let’s explore the hidden or indirect cost that you pay for these policies.


You will still be liable to pay the premium for the Part B of the Original Medicare Plan  


After you have subscribed to the Medicare Advantage Plans, you will still have to pay the premium, due for the Part B coverage of the Original Medicare plan. Thus, it is not practical to assume that you can get health coverage at absolutely no cost. However, so long you continue paying the premium for the Part B, you will continue the receive the corresponding benefits, even after you have subscribed to the Medicare Advantage Plan. Hence, you should not mind paying this premium, but, you should be aware of the fact that it is not that you are getting the benefits for free of cost.


The plans of Medicare Advantage are likely to involve deductibles, coinsurance and Co-payments


In the majority of the instances, the Zero premium plans for Medicare Advantages involve the deductibles, coinsurance as well as Co-payments. Explained in simple terms, these are specific amounts that you have to pay, before getting the corresponding benefits from the plan as well as the amount of money that you require paying for getting the covered services.  It is always likely that even if the insurer is not charging you any premium directly, you will still have to pay for the plan indirectly, under these heads.

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In other words, you can only consider those plans to be actually zero-cost health benefit schemes, if such plans don’t involve any premium as well as comes without the provisions for deductible, coinsurance and Co-payments.


In addition, subscribing to these plans, never entitles you to get medical facilities, without the need to incur up from expenses from your pocket. Rather, these plans set a specific limit for the out-of-pocket expenses and you get exemptions to pay any fees for availing medical facilities, only after crossing the specific ceiling. Hence, Before you are acting crazy for the plans that comes at Zero Premium, you need to be aware of these hidden points and take the necessary steps in a sensible and wise manner.

A Quick Guide to Help You Pick Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans

The medical costs have become a major worrisome challenge to many people in the United States of America.  For those who are getting to their retirement age or are above the age, the increasing health cost is something that they cannot avoid.  People who are qualified for the Medicare are worried about the payment of their medical bills that are always expensive and increasing.

The Medicare Supplemental Plans have been introduced to help everyone relieve the excessive bills.  This supplemental plan is often called Medigap insurance. The medical insurance is given out by companies that are not connected to the government. The supplemental policy is designed to support the elderly take care of their medical costs that they were not taken care of by Medicare.

What makes this insurance better is that it does not matter the firm that are picking to cover all your medical benefits. Each firm you pick will take care of the policies and have the same coverage.  However, the premium costs may vary according to the firm that you are using. This is where you have to be careful in selecting your suitable plan and firm.

Though, the insurance you are buying will not be given out by the American government, but the policies are the same because they must comply with the state and federal laws.  With the number of firms available for you to select, it is easier to make comparison marketing before buying a premium.  The best plan is what you are expected to get to avoid making a wrong choice.

You should know that the cost of a premium does not decide the right plan for you. Every plan is designed to have its special benefits. The cost of the plan varies and depends totally on the insurance company.  You may end up buying more for a policy that is very affordable. This is the reason why you should first make a little research before you make your choice.

It is advisable to shop around before you can decide on the policy to use.  The reason why you should shop around is to decide the perfect policy to use.  The Medigap policies to be given to any customer depend on what the insurance company is offering.

It is important that you have the Medicare Parts A and B before going for the supplemental policies.  It is your responsible to handle the supplemental premium plan because you are going to pay for it.  This is the reason why you should shop before you go for your policy. You should be aware that the Medigap policy can only take care of only one person. Even if you are married, you cannot make use of the same policy.  The separate pair should get different policies that would cover their individual health needs. This is the reason why you should understand everything about the policy before you can make your decision. You can meet your doctor or policy administrator before making your choice.