Medicare Supplement Plans: Difference from Medicare Advantage

Medicare is a health plan by the government for certain people. People who are above 65, people who come under certain physical disability and people who face any long term disease such as kidney dialysis or transplant can get the benefit from government. They can get it in exchange of minimum monthly or so payment plans. Now you will find different Medicare plans such as Medicare supplement plans insurance and Medicare advantage plan etc. You can buy any of these from licensed insurance companies. To make it easier for you here are the difference of these plans.

  • Original Medicare:

There are many Medicare plans under this health plan and they are often called as plan A to plan N. All though plan E, H, I and J have been banned from the year 2010. The original Medicare plan is the plan A and plan B. Person who comes under original Medicare plan get hospital facility from any hospital that comes under the Medicare system. It also covers doctors under the specific program and get some prescribe drugs benefits. A person can totally opt for only original Medicare only and not include any additional Medicare plans.

  • Medicare supplement:

Medicare supplement plans also known as medigap includes all the ten Medicare plans from plan A to plan N. This is a standardized Medicare plan. That means the plans remains same though the company differs. The private insurance companies from which you buy the plan costs different price for the plan and include some additional benefit with it but the main structure of the plan remain same. Due to the whole coverage of the plan it may costs more but it is actually cost effective for you.

Learn more about Medigap hereĀ

  • Medicare advantage:

The Medicare advantage plan that is the plan C is also available at private insurance companies. The original Medicare that is plan A and B also includes here. People from special medical needs can opt for this plan. This plan covers the additional benefits such as prescription drugs, dental and eye care and glasses. Consider that people who are at the end of severe disease such as rental or so donā€™t able to buy such plan.

  • Tips to choose the best:

You cannot get all the supplement and advantage plan benefit together. You need to choose the best that work for you. When it comes to choose the best Medicare supplement plans there are certain important factors that you must look after. Depending on your needs compare the plans according to the price, services, deductibles, doctors etc.